At Done and Dusted we select eco-friendly cleaning products for your home and office. These include;

  • Ecover cleaning range (available at most supermarkets)
  • Method cleaning range (a new line in fruit based cleaners, with wonderful aromas)
  • Micro fibres are specially constructed to create a fabric that ‘holds’ dirt – and only releases it when it is rinsed in warm water.
  • E-cloths – we use anti-bacterial cloths, which are woven with fine filaments of silver (a natural anti-bacterial in its own right)
  • Enjo cloths – These are the new wave in fibre technology – originally created to soak up oil spills at sea, they are now adapted to household use – watch out for our amazing mop and anti-static duster!
  • Our hoovers are PAT tested – sorry, we are not insured to use your vacuum cleaner.
  • Our hoovers have Hepa filters to trap dirt and reduce allergens
  • We use high efficiency filter bags which trap finer dust particles – great for helping anyone with allergies!
  • Our hoovers have extra long cables, so we don’t have to keep unplugging them to look for new plug points – a few extra minutes we can use for cleaning.